IEC 61850 Engineering Software

Fuhua offers an integrated and interactive software solution for IED modeling, system specification and system configuration of IEC 61850 enabled project.

System Configuration Tool

IED Configuration Tool

System Specification Tool

EMP 8000 Highlights

  • Integrated with ICT, SST and SCT
  • User Friendly Single Line Diagram Editor
  • User Friendly Communication Diagram Editor
  • User Friendly Data Flow Diagram Editor
  • User Friendly Function Map Wizard
  • Support to merge with external IID/SSD
  • Support SLD Template
  • Support Logical Node Libraries
  • Handle Integrity Conflict Intelligently

IED Model Designer Highlights

  • Support both Ed1.0 and Ed2.0
  • Preloaded Libraries for IEC61850-7-400/410/420
  • Preloaded Libraries for IEC61400
  • User Friendly Data Type Diagram Editor
  • User Friendly Domain Diagram Editor
  • User Friendly Wizards to configure LN
  • Comprehensive Validation Checks
  • Vendor Independent
  • Standard Compliant