EMP 8000

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  • Current Released Edition 2017A
  • EMP 8000 is a versatile software tool for IEC 61850 engineering. It is integrated with ICT, SST and SCT. It supports both top-down and bottom-up engineering. EMP 8000 allows the engineer to perform all the tasks in the workflow of IEC 61850 engineering. It enables users to have a good command of IEC 61850 configuration due to the user friendly diagrams and advanced GUI interfaces.

    Working as ICT, it can be used to design new domains for the new applications of IEC 61850, to customize or extend logical node classes, to preconfigure elements (DataSet, Control Blocks…), to build ICD and reconfigure IID or CID.

    Working as SST, it can be used to draw single line diagram, to allocate logical nodes and specify functional requirements.

    Working as SCT, it can be used to import SSD, to instantiate IEDs, to draw communication diagram, to map functions, to draw data flow diagram, to exchange data with third party tools by merging the IID/SSD files.

    Key Features

    Single Line Diagram

    EMP 8000 provides impressive functionality to draw SLD. The element naming convention can be customized. It has algorithm to calculate SLD topology and draw it when SSD file is imported. It provides smart Copy/Paste functionality to accelerate SLD development. It supports to build SLD template libraries. It enables users to exchange SLD data by merging with SSD files.

    Preconfigure Logical LNodes

    Users can preconfigure ConductingEquipment with the required logical nodes. Those preconfigured logical nodes will be allocated automatically when ConductingEquipment is created. In addition, the naming convention can also be customized.

    Communication Diagram

    This type of diagram is used to model IED network topology in a graphical way. It provides intuitive IED symbol and enables users to connect IEDs as easy as drawing the connection. GSE and SMV are easy to assign to the ConnectedAPs. Communication parameters are easy to configure. IED symbols can be switched to have different stereotype. It has algorithm to calculate SubNetwork topology and draw it when SCD file is imported.

    Data Flow Diagram

    This type of diagram is used to model the data flow between IEDs. It supports to model all types of data flow which are defined by IEC 61850 (such as GOOSE, SMV, Report and Poll). It provides intuitive LN symbol block and enables users to connect data flow as easy as drawing the connection. It has algorithm to calculate data flow connection and draw it when SCD file is imported.

    Logical Node Allocation

    EMP 8000 allows users to allocate logical nodes to SLD elements easily. It supports to name the logical node prefix and ldInst in the context of SLD elements. It supports to view logical node signals. It supports to load logical nodes from external SCL files.

    Map Functions

    EMP 8000 provides advanced wizard to assist users in linking LN (implemented by instantiated IEDs) to LNode (allocated to SLD elements). It has algorithm to filter and list the matched LNs. The decorated icons makes it easy to identify if a LNode is mapped or not.

    Exchange IID/SSD

    When an IED is exported as IID and modified by any third party tools. EMP 8000 supports to merge the target IED with the IID file instead of reimport. The merge log is recorded and saved to project. It allows users to keep track of configuration changes throughout the project engineering process.

    Merge Log

    Merge log enables users to keep track of IED modification in detail.


    • IED Development
    • System Specification
    • System Configuration
    • GOOSE Flow Viewer/Editor
    • Project Management